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What Your Child Needs to Know

You know it's important to communicate with your children through the course of your divorce, but knowing what to say can be a little tricky. On the one hand, you want to be sure your children are Read More→

How To Talk To Your Kids About Divorce

Deciding how and when you’ll talk to your kids and exactly what you’ll tell them is one of the more difficult things you’ll face during your divorce. And breaking the news of your impending separation and/or divorce is just the beginning. It’s imperative that you develop a long-term plan for communicating with your kids about your divorce and the changes in their lives going forward.

The preparation process for this important talk can be accomplished in three steps:

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Parenting Plans And Teenagers

I have friends who have babies and toddlers who think that parenting is stressful. I did too when my kids were babies and toddlers. Now that they're teenagers, I look back and long for the days when their biggest issue was not wanting to take a nap or learning how to tie their shoes. As my boys have grown into adolescence and now (almost) adulthood, I've come to understand how much more challenging they are to parent. I've also grown more and more grateful for the presence of their dad in their (and my) life. Even though we're divorced, we deal with our kids and their issues together. Always, no matter what. So I never feel like I have to face a crisis with them alone.

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