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Healthy Habits

Every parent knows that fruits and veggies are good for the growing body. But we also know how hard it can be to get our children to choose greens over pizza. Very few children actually meet the federal recommendations for nutrition. Lucky for you, there are ways to train your child to be a healthy eater without turning you into the broccoli monster! Try out these five tips and see for yourself…

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Is Your Smartphone Putting Your Kids At Risk?

Texting and smartphones with apps and games are obviously a huge part of our lives now, but when does all of this fabulous technology go too far and distract us from what's really important?
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The Key is to Compromise: Halloween Edition

Halloween is kicking off the fall holidays and many times gets left out when "dividing the holidays." With adult parties coming up, you can't forget about trick-or-treating for your little ones. If you are freshly divorced, or currently divorcing, you may not be sure how to handle these upcoming situations. For more information and tips on the complications of the holidays, read on… Read More→