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Monkey See, Monkey Do: Give Back

Let's face it. Children are born selfish. One of the biggest lessons we all learn in the first few years of our lives is how to share (and some of us keep learning how to do this our whole lives). Kids need to learn to give back. We as humans have a natural instinct to help others. But even if it’s natural, parents must teach their kids what it means to volunteer and give to charity in ways that show compassion and generosity.

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Strange Toys of 2013

Remember Hugo, the man of a thousand faces (the box actually said, "Easily changed disguises to fit you and your puppet… create thousands of pretend friends!")? How about Stretch Armstrong – The 1976 bodybuilder doll that could stretch and still return to his original form.

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Kid-Friendly Road Trips

When I was a kid, my parents would put the four of us kids in the back of the station wagon with a bunch of pillows and sleeping bags and take off for fun destinations or grandma's house. I have great memories of those trips. Even though kids have to be buckled in now to head down the road, it's still a great chance for your family to spend quality time together. Read More→