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My Top 5 List of Parenting Resolutions for 2013

It might be January second, but it's never too late to make a new resolution. Let's face it, it sometimes takes a couple of days to think of a resolution you will truly be able to stick with. Read More→

Divorce Discipline 101

My kids are lucky (although I doubt if they would agree with me). Their dad and I have, since we divorced, communicated and backed up each others' discipline choices. If one kid is grounded at my house, he's also grounded at his dad's. And they know better than to ever try to play one of us against the other (as in, "Dad said it's okay with him.") I just pick up the phone and call dad to check, so they know they're busted if they're not being totally honest with me (and vise-versa).

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Divorcing? Mistakes to Avoid and Strategies to Help

Divorces in America are up to about 50 percent statistically. When you are freshly divorced, your first worry is about the children. Do they understand what happened? Do they know they are still loved? How will you not put them in the middle? These are questions that occur to every parent who is newly divorced or divorcing. They're questions David and I agonized over and ultimately what motivated us to forge a relationship post divorce that put them squarely in the center. Read More→