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Struggling with Slumber

When I was a young mom, someone told me there are three things you cannot control or make your kids do…eat, poop, and sleep. If you're a parent, you've probably experienced your share of power struggles around these three areas. In my experience, it's sleep issues that can plague us for much of our lives if we don't learn how to sleep at an early age.

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Funny White Lies We Tell as Parents

We all tell our children white lies from time to time. Santa is a good example. We tell kids that if they're good, Santa will come around once a year with presents for them, and if they're not good, they'll get coal. This becomes an incentive especially around Christmas time for them to behave. These white lies benefit both parties and it's one of the many examples in life that it's okay to "white lie" once in awhile.

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Best and Worst Parents of 2012

I'd found this article from the website of Parenting Magazine and thought you'd like to read it as well. It's a pretty interesting look at the best and worst parents of 2012. Some you'll applaud, and some you won't even begin to believe… Read More→