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Squashing “Mom-Will-Do-It” Expectations

I have two teenage boys, and I swear sometimes when I talk, no words come out of my mouth. I've even heard myself asking, "Are there words coming out of my mouth?" They just don't listen! And because their dad and I have always believed in natural consequences for our kids, I usually don't bail them out when their lack of attention leads to consequences for them.
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Boost These Areas of Family Communication

Success or failure in all of your relationships comes down to communication, and nowhere is this more obvious than in families. There are so many different concepts and areas of communication, and so many different ways to accomplish effective communication that the topic can be a bit overwhelming.

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Divorcing? Mistakes to Avoid and Strategies to Help

Divorces in America are up to about 50 percent statistically. When you are freshly divorced, your first worry is about the children. Do they understand what happened? Do they know they are still loved? How will you not put them in the middle? These are questions that occur to every parent who is newly divorced or divorcing. They're questions David and I agonized over and ultimately what motivated us to forge a relationship post divorce that put them squarely in the center. Read More→