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Simple Tips for Avoiding Conflict During Conversations With You Ex

There’s a lot of wisdom in old sayings. Yeah I know, people in contemporary culture seem to think we are so highly educated and sophisticated that some of the old, simple sayings are passé’, not hip, and unworthy of consideration. I believe many of those old jewels are just as valuable as ever, especially when it comes to keeping the lines of communication open when you're working with your ex.

Here are three well known examples:

  • If you can’t something nice don’t say anything at all
  • You can’t un-say something once said
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

When you're faced with the task of communicating with (or about) your ex, it is tempting to give into the desire to get in your "digs, get "snarky," and bring up past events or issues that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. Resist that temptation, no matter how easy it may seem to succumb to it. Here's why.

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Who Is THIS Guy?

I am now entering a world into which I have never been. I am not a blogger (until this moment), I have only ever read a handful of blogs aside from work, and I really don’t spend much time on the computer. I do spend time thinking about things and contemplating the time in which we are living, current events, and the world our kids will be inheriting. I also think about all the other stuff we parents worry about. I have opinions on most subjects, some unshakable, others more open to evolution through experience and education. I am humble and don’t consider myself an expert on most any subject. It tends to take me back a little when someone really wants to know what I think.

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